Planning cycles

Evolutionary Planning

Evolutionary Planning is designed to continuously improve our efficiency, not wasting time on things that nobody will need, and making sure that we will finish any endeavours ever more successfully in the shortest possible time.

The basic elements of Evo Planning are:

On the following pages, we will gradually add more detail about these Evo Planning elements.

Find a more detailed explanation e.g. in Booklet#2 ("How quality is Assured by Evolutiopnary Methods") and Booklet#7 ("Evolutionary Planning - How to Achieve the Most Important Requirement")
(see Booklets on the downloads page)

* We use the word 'Cycle' because we are applying the Plan-Do-Check-Act- or Deming-Cycle for continuous improvement. There are many more possible cycles, like: iteration-, sprint-, release-, maintenance-, organization- (see figure), strategy-, roadmap-, or whatever other useful cycle. Of course you can use any cycle, as long as you keep checking the real usefulness for your project and organisation.