Evo Results

Gradually adopting the Evo approach in your projects, even in everything you do, brings about a lot of benefits:

Can you afford not to use Evo?

This is not mere theory. It's based on the practice of numerous projects in various industries and organizations in many countries.
If you have any questions or want to discuss, or simply don't believe it, feel free to contact Niels Malotaux.

  1. You may think: how does he dare to say "There is no better alternative"? Well, with the Evolutionary approach, the moment we see a better alternative, we check it out and if it proves to be better than what we are currently doing, we keep using it. If it doesn't prove to be better, we don't keep using it. So the Evo approach is by definition the best way, as far as we know at any moment.
    PDCA is the magic 'mechanism'.