Evo Results

Gradually adopting the Evo approach in your projects, even in everything you do, brings about a lot of benefits:

  • Early Results
    Doing things in the right order, focused on delivering highest value to stakeholders first, produces early results
  • Better Results
    Rapid and frequent feedback on early results helps to do the right things better
  • Faster Results
    Better results in 30% shorter time, by doing the right things in the right order to the right level of detail
  • Risk Reduction
    Risks are addressed and managed routinely. No missed deadlines, no unusable products, no wrong feature sets, no poor quality
  • Less Stressed Developers
    Because developers routinely meet their targets, stress disappears: in a few weeks they get relaxed, happy, smiling again, while producing more
  • Happy Customers
    Customers get early and regular deliveries of working products, which can be tested and used. They see the functionality growing and now can balance time-to-market with completeness. This has never happened before
  • More Profits
    • Better results in 30% shorter time saves costs
    • Being faster on the market can generate more and earlier income
    • No rework after delivery saves a lot
  • Magic Bullet
    Brooks wrote: "There is no silver bullet". However, based on the remarkable results obtained, Evo methods prove to be a "magic bullet". There is no better alternative1

Can you afford not to use Evo?

This is not mere theory. It's based on the practice of numerous projects in various industries and organizations in many countries.
If you have any questions or want to discuss, or simply don't believe it, feel free to contact Niels Malotaux.

  1. You may think: how does he dare to say "There is no better alternative"? Well, with the Evolutionary approach, the moment we see a better alternative, we check it out and if it proves to be better than what we are currently doing, we keep using it. If it doesn't prove to be better, we don't keep using it. So the Evo approach is by definition the best way, as far as we know at any moment.
    PDCA is the magic 'mechanism'.