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Niels Malotaux
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Niels Malotaux
N R Malotaux - Consultancy
Zum Anspel 5
59964 Medebach
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tel: +49 5632 9225132
mob: +31 655 753 604
VAT: DE 298107897

Niels Malotaux is an independent Project Coach and expert in optimizing project performance, helping organizations around the world to optimize the success and predictability of their projects.
He has about 40 years experience in designing electronic and software systems, at Delft University, in the Dutch Army, at Philips Electronics and 20 years leading his own systems design company.
Since 1998 he devotes his expertise to helping projects to deliver Quality On Time: delivering what the customer needs, when he needs it, to enable customer success.
Niels effectively teaches very pragmatic project management methods, requirements engineering, and review and inspection techniques, but he rather calls it Result Management, as only Results pay our salaries.
Since 2001, he taught and coached over 300 large and small project teams in more than 40 organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Poland, Romania, South Africa, the UK and the US, which led to a wealth of experience in which approaches work better and which work less well in real practice.
He is a frequent speaker at conferences.