Satisfaction Guarantee and No Cure No Pay

Because it is my experience that it is very difficult for anyone to understand exactly what we are going to do, until we are actually doing it, I work with two types of guarantee:

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • All work by Malotaux is done to the best of his ability. Still, it may be possible that the ways of working or the expectations of the Client and Malotaux don't fit. Therefore, termination of the cooperation is possible at any moment, only by formally telling this, while explaining the reason. In such cases, only the work until that very moment will be charged.

No Cure No Pay

  • The popular version of my No Cure No Pay clause is:
    I want to see big smiles on the faces at the end of any day I have worked with people in the project.
  • The formal version is:
    Any day you would be dissatisfied with the results of Malotaux's work will not be charged, on the condition that you file your complaint with Malotaux within 5 days after that day, or in any case before any next day of Malotaux's work. In such a case, any planned further activities by Malotaux will be automatically deferred, until we decide that satisfaction can again be expected.

These two clauses keep both me and you on the alert that we continuously are contributing value. After all, we should practice what we preach!