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Niels Malotaux
Project Coach

Predictable Projects

Because I never work full time for one client,
I'm usually available immediately.

Don't hesitate to contact me for a no-risk approach.

Are you happy with the performance of the projects in your organization ?

Within a few weeks, your project is much more successful and finishes in much less time.
Unbelievable? That's what many people thought, until they did it.
Contact us for a no-risk approach.

Imagine the consequences of better project predictability, shorter project time, shorter Time to Market, and better results for your business!

We quickly help your projects with:

  • Faster start
  • How to determine early and then live up to:
    • What will be done when
    • When will the project be done
  • Solving the "almost done" syndrome
  • Systematically creating happy customers
  • Improved business productivity and response
  • Coping with customer's changing requirements
  • ... (add here what your would like to see improved)

Have a look what we can do for you.
Tell us about your concern and let's do something about it (if you want to do something about it !)

Are you thinking of introducing Agile or Scrum in your project? We don't teach you the dances and rituals that won't help you to be successful. Instead, we help you to very quickly introduce your own approach that makes your project really more successful in a very short time. That's very agile and better than Scrum.
Are you thinking about becoming LEAN? We can help you to get a flying start! Contact us for a lean approach.

Find downloadable material on the Download and Conferences pages.

Consultancy, coaching and/or training has been or is being conducted for e.g.: Agrovision, Astron, BlackGinger (China), China Institute for Innovation (China), Canarys (India), Continental (Romania), Cylon (Ireland), Daalderop, Enraf, Eijkelkamp, General Dynamics (USA), Getronics, Infineon (Germany, Romania), Keio University (Japan), Mitsubishi (Japan), Neopost, NXP, Philips, Priva, ROHM (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Tektronix (USA), Tiscali, Thyssen, TNO-NITG, Unilever, Victron, WPS, Ziggo, and some larger companies who don't want to be mentioned.